We are a full production studio, Mixing, Tracking, Pre Production, Mastering, Sequencing. Hi-Lonesome also offers Session musicians and Session writers. High Lonesome is also a great escape to write. 

Songwriting Team and Session Musicians 


Hi-Lonesome is dedicated in creating  the best envirtoment and creativity for your songs and/or productions. Hi-Lonesome staffs songwriters from all genres as well as session musicians. 

Music Library


Hi-Lonesome archives all of its productions and songwriters to our music library. Hi-Lonesome is connected to Music Licencing companies who are always looking for ideas for Film & Television. Please contact us for more information.


WORK following.Art Ford Music Services.APORIA RECORDS.LILYFROST.CLOE WATKINSON.411 muSIC group. Palmdoor Films.

RANCHO De LA LUNA.DAVID CATCHING. Fox. Showtime. Dangerbird Records.5 Alarm Music.Headquarters Music.helicoptermom.Google.TMZ.  Fran Capitanelli.Butch Walker & the black Johnny Winter.BEGGARS GUILD.ADOBE COLLECTIVE. rick shelley.scott reynolds.david macias.desert rhythm project.Oliver Wood.SoniaLeigh.bill bloomer.

eva gardner.littlesandwitch.Mark Schulman.Ray wylie hubbard.lisa loeb. RockersCollective.

Carnivores.Neon Christ.WILLIAM DUVALL.Dvl Recordings.Rope a Dope Records.CNN.Island DefJam.Road Runner Records.

Travis Warren&BLINDMELON.Greg Hester.

Shane Pruitt Band.BluegroundUndergrass.Mosier Brothers.James WarreN.Col. Bruce Hampton.William DuVall.JohnKing.Cartel.Schedlo.GutterCandy.DEr.

four weddings.recovery road.better homes&garden. gear.this farming life.fuel.discovery. cooking channel.Gavin Degraw.Jen Wigmore.Sony Records.Spin Magazine.One Haven Music.  

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